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The Department of Speech & Hearing Science
College of Applied Health Sciences

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Courses in Speech and Hearing Science are taught by members of the faculty who bring their expertise and personal commitment to the classroom which creates a learning environment where student initiative is encouraged. Ratings by students place the courses and instructors in the Department well above campus averages.


  • Justin Aronoff, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Cochlear implants; binaural hearing
  • Aron K. Barbey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Cognitive communication disorders; traumatic brain injury; brain imaging
  • Ron D. Chambers, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Diagnostic audiology; auditory evoked-potentials
  • Marie Moore Channell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Development of language, cognition, and social-emotional skills in individuals with intellectual disability
  • Laura Segebart DeThorne, Ph.D., Associate Head, Associate Professor
    Language development and disorders; causal influences; ACC; social model of disability
  • Susan Dramin-Weiss, Instructor, M.A.
  • Tanya M. Gallagher, Ph.D., Professor
  • David M. Gooler, Ph.D., Instructor
    Neural bases of sound pattern recognition; hearing loss; auditory perception and temporal processing
  • Pamela A. Hadley, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Grammatical development; early identification of specific language impairment; intervention research
  • Laura J. Hahn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Early social, cognitive, and communicative development in infants and young children with neurogenetic disorders
  • Donald Haring, M.A., Instructor
  • Julie Hengst, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Acquired cognitive-linguistic communication disorders; discourse analysis in clinical populations
  • Fatima Husain, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Neural bases of hearing, speech perception and disorders, such as, tinnitus and hearing loss
  • Aaron Johnson, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
    Effects of voice use and vocal training on the structure, function, and underlying neuromuscular biology of the aging larynx
  • Cynthia J. Johnson, Ph.D, Associate Professor
    Language, reading, and writing acquisition and disorders in school-aged children; phonological development and disorders in children
  • Karen Iler Kirk, Ph.D., Professor, Department Head
    Speech perception in listeners with cochlear implants or hearing aids; development of spoken word recognition tests
  • Torrey M. J. Loucks, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Neurobiology of speech production and stuttering emphasizing auditory feedback and motor control
  • Raksha Anand Mudar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Effects of aging and Alzheimer's disease on higher-order semantic processing using behavioral and multi-modal brain imaging methods
  • F. Adele Proctor, Sc.D., Associate Professor
    Clinical sociolinguistics; differential diagnosis in multicultural populations; pediatric traumatic brain injury
  • Matthew Rispoli, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Developmental psycholinguistics; crosslinguistic language acquisition
  • Kenneth L. Watkin, Ph.D., Professor

Clinical Faculty

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Support Staff

  • Christine Bushman, Accounting Clerk
  • Stefanie Cole, Administrative Aide
  • Robert Duchene, Clerical Assistant
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